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Tractors on a farm
  • Getting Started
    • Need 3 components to Autotrac: Receiver, Display and Processor.
    • Also need a steering option either an Autotrac Universal or a tractor set up with integrated Autotrac.
    • Make sure the keycard is in the slot under the door on top of the processor.
    • To turn tracking on: Press Setup then Tracking. At the top of the Tracking page make sure it says "straight Track" at the top. If not Toggle the A button until "Straight Track" comes up.
    • Also on the Tracking page make sure you have the correct implement width entered.
    • Press the "Page" button. Make sure'the Tracking Display Size is set for "Full Page".
    • Press the "Rurr" button at the bottom of the display to return to the run page.
  • Setting an A-B Line
    • From the Run Page Tracking.
      • Press button F to set the A point. At this time you have two options. You can drive to other end of the field then press the D button, or you can enter in a heading to drive a certain angle by pressing the F button then entering in an angle, then press F again.
      • Press the "Run" button at the bottom of the display to return to the run page.
  • On the Run Page
    • Run Page 3 is the tracking page.
    • Toggle the E button to turn tracking on.
    • When you are near the Line hit the resume switch to begin Autotracking. The letter A will show up in the tractor icon.
    • The 3d GPS status bar needs to be 70-80% tull before tracking is fully accurate.
  • Autotrac Universal Settings
    • Steering wheel speed determines how fast the steering wheel turns.
    • Acquire Sensitivity determines how fast the steering reacts to get you to the line once you press the resume switch.
    • Line Sensitivity Heading and Tracking work together. You would adjust these together to get the tractor to either react faster or slower when nrnning through the field.
    • You won't need to change any of the other things here
    • Remember: To speed the steering up you would increase the number by 10 at a time. To slow the steering down you would decrease the number by 10 at a time.

Click here to download the Autotrac Quick Instructions in PDF format
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