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Why did Arends & Sons create the AMS Field Ready programs?

Where can l find a list of AMS Field Ready programs and what is included in each program?

How will these programs help me prepare my AMS equipment for planting, spraying, or harvest?

ls there a certain date that I have to purchase these programs by?

What is not included in the AMS Field Ready programs?

How are multiple displays handled under the AMS Field Ready programs?

A lot of these programs include "unlimited phone support" what does that mean?

What if I only want phone support and none of the other AMS Field Ready program services?

What if I call Arends & Sons for AMS support and I have not purchased one of the AMS Field Ready programs or the Unlimited Phone Support Agreement?

lf something goes wrong with AMS equipment and it can't be fixed over the phone, then what happens?

Who can I expect to talk to when I call in for "AMS support" through one of the standard programs?

What if I call for RTK codes or for an issue that is covered under AMS warranty will I be charged when I call?

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